Wabi Sabi

In search of Wabi…

One project this month has seen me going back to my designer roots to explore the essence of what Wabi Sabi means to me. It has got me thinking also about what it means in a modern western setting? Can it exist?

My client has a small inner city warehouse style apartment. Amongst the raw concrete walls and exposed steel beams, she has been desperately trying to create a home. She has found so many challenges within this space that was once only meant to house machinery. Her small ensuite bathroom is to be our starting point… Continue reading

What do you see? Beauty or the Beast…

Imagine you have just inherited an old house (and a very large cheque)…
You walk up the path, catching glimpses of the building through the mature trees as they dance in the breeze…
You arrive at the front door and turn the big wrought iron key…

This is what you see… Continue reading

Dana Tanamachi – Chalk Letterer and teacher in the beauty of transcience…

There is something magical in this day and age about receiving a hand written invitation.

Maybe it’s because the person went to so much extra trouble, maybe because there is something so much more beautiful in the handmade and hand created…


Dana Tanamachi (image by Spencer Heyfron for the Wall Street Journal)


I think that might be why I am so drawn (no pun intended) to the work of Dana Tanamachi.

She is so much more than a graphic designer, artist or custom chalk letterer. Continue reading

The Natural Speaker by Joons & Jung

Sitting here listening to music has got me thinking, how much a space can be enhanced when other senses are stimulated.

Dutch design studio, Joons & Jung have embraced the notion that sound is really important in a space and have created something to really enhance the experience. Meet the Natural Speaker


The Natural Speaker by Joons & Jung (image from Joons & Jung)


In this age of technological advancements, speakers are getting more and more advanced.  (And in the case of Dutch maveric Sander Mulder’s Woofer Speakers more creative in design!) But does removing all the imperfections actually make the sound better? Continue reading

A little bit of cool by the Vintage Fridge Company

I think there is something wonderful about an obsolete but beautiful item being brought back to life. Take the old Ice Boxes of the 1850’s to 1940’s – before the introduction of the electric refrigerators, these helped revolutionise the standard of living for the everyday person.


We take it for granted now that our food can be kept fresher for longer but back then this was something new and amazing.


Sitting proudly in my local vintage store is an old Ice Box. I like things with a past. I enjoy thinking about their story – where has it come from, how far has it travelled, who were the previous owners… and in the case of this Ice Box, I love its worn hardwood doors and heavy duty handles – it’s so delightfully wabi sabi. Continue reading