Keep Calm and Therese Sennerholt

Today I have been on the hunt for some interesting posters or artwork for a buzzing home office. Every time I visit the client I am conscious of what a hive of activity it is. It’s always GO, GO GO!

The brief: “Something to add a sense of calm, motivation and interest…”

Type in the words “Calm” and “Poster” and every search will come up with “Keep Calm and …”


"Keep Calm and Carry On" - the original 1939 propogranda poster...

“Keep Calm and Carry On” – the original 1939 propogranda poster…


I loved the original concept but now it seems the message has reached saturation. It is emblazoned across everything from coffee mugs to iPad covers. It’s time for something new. Continue reading

Seeing is believing (or is it?)

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… let me go upstairs and check.” M.C. Escher (Dutch graphic artist)

Chicago based Graphic Designer, Thomas Quinn has played with our notion of reality with his creative anamorphic typography project.


"Face Reality As It Is" by Thomas Quinn (image by Thomas Quinn)

“Face Reality As It Is” by Thomas Quinn (image by Thomas Quinn)


I love that in the right spot the message is crystal clear but a single step shatters the image… Continue reading

A French Lesson by Double Merrick

What captivates me with a beautiful design is more than just its initial beauty, it’s the story behind how it came to be and the emotions and memories they can bring back.


Take Merrick Angle of Double Merrick fame, he is part illustrator/designer and part visual story teller.

An Englishman based in rural France and working out of a picturesque studio.

Hopefully with a glass of vin perched precariously on the desk…


I feel immediately sentimental when I look at his work and can’t help but grin.

They capture the essence of those wonderful old charts that used to hang in schoolrooms.


Le Ciel (image by Double Merrick)

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Using Duckfat to find the perfect cushion…

One of the really fun and rewarding parts of my job is Item Sourcing. This is when a client has a concept of what they want but no idea where to get it from. It is a wonderful feeling to see their faces light up when you produce the perfect thing they have spent frustrating weeks/months/years searching for.


The brief to my current Sherlock Holmes assignment began with “We love to cook. We want our kitchen to really become the heart of the home”. This was closely followed by “We love vintage & handmade over soulless and mass produced…”


The task was to find the perfect cushions to bring the big window seat in the kitchen alive and to start to give the space some real personality that the clients identified with.


For this recipe to succeed we need some DuckfatContinue reading

The Purist – Typography to make you stop and think…

Deep in the English countryside, where the air hints of wild flowers and wood-smoke, lies a tiny studio between two woods, in which thoughts are captured, transformed into words, played with or asked politely to leave.”

And so begins your poetic introduction to The Purist.
A collaboration between the creative minds of  Jamie Harris and Andrew Morrison.


“the impossible just takes longer” (image from The Purist)

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