Space Saving

Remove the Stuff and free up your life…

If there is one thing the Queensland Floods taught me (other than Noah was on the money when it rains a lot) is that people as a whole accumumate a lot of stuff. Some of it is treasured memories but a lot is the result of impulse purchasing when viewing late night TV!

This week I have been working with a client that has relocated from her sprawling 4 bedroom house in suburbia to a hot inner city pad. The obvious problem was that she had too much “stuff” and now no place to dump err I mean store it.

I am sure if you look around your own home you will likely have a spare bedroom or at the very least a closet overflowing with things. At some point they were valued additions to our life but now they end up spending the rest of their life hidden away in draws or cupboards to surface ever once in a while only to be replaced because they fit in the “I might need that one day” box. Continue reading

The Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham (Knife & Saw)

Space is a premium for inner city living. So storage solutions must really work to help maximise every available inch. For anyone with a bike you will know just how frustrating it is to find a safe, handy place to put it. Leaving it on the street is just asking for trouble and so they find their way into the apartment and end up propped up against a wall. No doubt your bike will be conveniently placed so you can then spend your life tripping over it.

Chris Brigham at Work

I imagine Chris Brigham, the creative genius and mastermind behind Knife & Saw must have thought the exact same thing when he created the Bike Shelf. This is a man of many talents from graphic designer, photographer and now furniture designer. Custom made from solid wood the Bike Shelf can be adjusted to your personal preference and to ensure it fits your bike. Continue reading

Woolly Pockets

When a client sat looking forlornly around their apartment living room and said “I just want a garden” my heart sank. It was my fault for asking what they craved most. I looked out of the living room and onto the balcony and realised that pots were going to eat into their precious space. What I needed to do was to stop thinking horizontally and find something a bit more vertically inspired. If only walls had pockets…

Wally the Woolly Pocket

And that’s when I met Wally. Continue reading

Nils Nova – Artist

As a designer I love to play with the visual concept of space. In some cases the idea is to make a space feel snug and cosy, while at other times it is all about an abundance of light and space.

Sun Room Illusion by Nils Nova


When it comes to playing with our perception of space, there is no greater magician than Nils Novs. If anyone could build the Tardis out of Doctor Who, it would be him.  With his giant installations he can change a space completely. Continue reading

Boskke Sky Planter

You don’t need me to tell you that natural living plants in a space are a good thing.

Indoor Plants

For a start they look beautiful. Then there are the pages and pages of case studies that have proven that in any indoor space (home or office) living plants are the way to go. They absorb Carbon Dioxide (and other nasties) and emit Oxygen. The cleaner and fresher our environment, the better we feel and more productive and alert we are. Continue reading