Queen B Candles

Earth Hour – 26th March 2011 at 8.30pm

I love Earth Hour. Last night we had a party to celebrate. Everything electrical that could be switched off was and the only light was by beautiful Queen B natural beeswax candles that filled the space  with their soft honey aroma. Bliss!

Eco-bulb Natural Beeswax Candles by Queen B for Earth Hour

At 8.30pm (local time) on the last Saturday in March, Earth Hour takes place – Continue reading

Candle Lit Dinner With Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine

It appears that there were several Saint Valentines and like all good martyrs, they found themselves at the pointy end of a sharp object. In one case, the Roman Emperor Claudius II had one Saint Valentine beheaded because he continued to marry young couples even though Emperor forbade it.

It’s a little sketchy on why the Emperor was being such a kill joy but there is a suggestion that these were young soldiers getting married and he felt they were more effective warriors as single men. Given that Rome was taking on the might of the barbarian Goths I can see why he was keen to have an effective fighting force but it hardly promotes the message “love conquers all”. Continue reading

Christmas Cheer

Growing up in Ireland I used to dream of a white Christmas. I wanted Santa to really be dashing through the snow in his convertible sleigh. Now all I want is a green Christmas. 


So how can you get the essential Christmas vibe without it costing the earth? 


Simple, think outside the square. 


First you need a tree…  Continue reading