Pumpkin Carving

The legend of the Jack O’ Lantern and the mastery of Ray Villafane…

Happy Halloween!


"When I Was a Pumpkin" by Josh Tuininga (www.society6.com)


Now I must confess I don’t live in a decaying castle in Transylvania but there is something about Halloween I love. It may be the excuse to dress as The Count, cloak flowing and fangs chomping or perhaps the opportunity to liberally cover myself in fake blood and wonder around in a zombie-like fashion.


"Trick or Treat" by Radojavor (image from deviant ART)


Halloween isn’t complete for me without a carved pumpkin or Jack-O’-Lantern. I love the amazing story about the origins of the lantern. It is said to come from an Irish tale about a master manipulator and general ne’er do well called Jack.

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