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Flipside by Volker Haug

Mention pendant lighting and the average person starts imagining the lamp shade. Not so with Volker Haug… the German born, Melbourne based lighting designer has treated his latest creation more like a piece of jewellry…

Meet the “Flipside” pendant:

Flipside pendant lights by Volker Haug

Flipside pendant lights by Volker Haug


What I love about this design is its minimalist beauty. I think these would have delighted the great architect Ludwig Mies van der Roche – who adopted the phrase “Less is more”.

From a practicality aspect and your desired overall effect, this can be hung solo or in a cluster. Add in the fact that you have a variety of metallic cables and different finishes on the discs and your options are endless.

From A Beer Bottle To A Light Bulb Moment By Studio Swine

I love it when someone takes an everyday object whose form or purpose we now take for granted and manages to transforms it into something extraordinary.

Studio Swine (which incidentally stands for “Super Wide Interdisciplinary New Explorers”) is co-founded by a Japanese Architect Azusa Murakami and a British Artist Alexander Groves. They are those kind of innovators.

This Anglo-Japanese design studio has criss-crossed the planet, creating amazing designs which all appear to explore how our finite resources can be successfully used (or reused) in the context of modern design.

When most people look at a bottle of beer they see a happy time ahead of them…


Heineken beer bottle by Tristan Townley

Heineken beer bottle by Tristan Townley


Few would spare a thought for the bottle – it’s simply a container. But the visionaries at Studio Swine had a light bulb moment… Continue reading

A lesson in minimalism by Danius…

The goal when creating a minimalistic design is to use as few elements as possible for maximum effect.

This isn’t about taking out your imaginary design chainsaw and hacking the bejesus out of everything in sight. It needs to be done with surgical precision to ensure the space will still look great and function well.

Lighting is one of those tricky components to get right for this paired back design style.


Because for the light to function you need the light source, the fitting to hold it in place and then the switch to turn it on. It doesn’t exactly scream minamilism…

But imagine if all those things could be combined… Continue reading

Potter Light by Bruce Rowe – was necessity the mother of invention?

History doesn’t relate to how the Potter Light came to be.

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)


I like to imagine it was the result of architect and artist Bruce Rowe (of MAKE Architecture and Anchor Ceramics) trying to find the right light for a job…

And when he couldn’t, necessity became the mother of invention and he took a seat behind his potter’s wheel and created his own. Continue reading

Rustica Pendant Light by Studio Jota

Dawn Stan Richards is the creative brains behind the New York boutique lighting design company Studio Jota.
The focus is on handmade and beautifully crafted designs with a real attention to detail.


Rustica pendant light by Studio Jota

Continue reading