Knife & Saw

The Bike Shelf by Chris Brigham (Knife & Saw)

Space is a premium for inner city living. So storage solutions must really work to help maximise every available inch. For anyone with a bike you will know just how frustrating it is to find a safe, handy place to put it. Leaving it on the street is just asking for trouble and so they find their way into the apartment and end up propped up against a wall. No doubt your bike will be conveniently placed so you can then spend your life tripping over it.

Chris Brigham at Work

I imagine Chris Brigham, the creative genius and mastermind behind Knife & Saw must have thought the exact same thing when he created the Bike Shelf. This is a man of many talents from graphic designer, photographer and now furniture designer. Custom made from solid wood the Bike Shelf can be adjusted to your personal preference and to ensure it fits your bike. Continue reading