John Teall


They say a picture paints a thousand words but how many words paint a picture? There is something about typography in design, which I love. I like the notion that a person can personalise their space with words rather than images. I think there is something beautiful in letters & numbers. When I see them in a space, it is like a favourite book that has annotations in the margin. I think a space can have anything that inspires you, makes you think, that reminds you of a favourite place or time, or simply makes you laugh.

Zinc Wall LettersThere is something so wonderfully simple yet striking in a Bus or Tram Scroll in place of conventional artwork. I love it when there is a back story, when the names of places represent so much more than a word - when it can conjure up the experience of those 2 years living abroad or another adventure.London Bus Scroll

The fridge has often been home to pizza delivery numbers, photos of family and “to do” lists. I like seeing something on the fridge that will make you smile. Life doesn’t have to be serious it can be anything that rocks your boat!

Fridge Magnet Fun

There is something wonderful about a handmade ceramic bowl or cup that has something stamped into it while the clay is wet. I love the work of Kylie Johnson of Paper Boat Press. She is both a poet and a potter and blends her talents into wonderfully organic, wabi sabi shapes which she then imprints with her poems by hand. Over time she has collected and made these unique stamps.

Hand imprinted bowls by Kylie Johnson of Paper Boat Press

To some, the thought of inspirational or motivational quotes on their wall immediately flashes them back to 90’s corporate world where a poster of an epic picture with a bold heading like Excellence, Leadership or Teamwork is followed by a quote that should inspire you to achieve the relevant noun. Enter English graphic designer, Anthony Burrill, who works across a full range of media for a staggeringly varied array of clients to create visual brilliance. It is his print making that I love. He has a unique gift for blending colour and composition with a humorous approach to words.

I like it by Anthony Burrill

Work Hard by Anthony Burrill

Wall paper has made a huge comeback. If you really want to personalise your space why not use one of the great sources of words and wallpaper in old book pages or newspaper?

Newspaper Wallpaper

To some the idea of a blackboard in their home would be ideal for a shopping list or the kid’s play room. For film director Roland Emmerich he took it to the next level with the help of John Teall of Flux Interiors.

Blackboard Study for Roland Emmerich by Flux Interiors

Graffiti sits firmly on the edge with people loving it for art or hating it for vandalism. But this is your home so you can do what you want! How about giving you furniture that contemporary edge. Sounds extreme but designer Ilan Dei has managed to fuse well crafted contemporary furniture with some graffiti art in his collection “Awake the Inner Vandal”.

Awake Your Inner Vandal by Ilan Dei

 Whatever your story is… don’t be frightened to tell it with words.