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Halloween – Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck

On this the night of Halloween when the ghosts and ghouls abound and our quiet suburban streets echo to the sounds of “Trick or Treat”…

One chair should take their pride of place at the head of the All Hallows Day feastPhilippe Starck’s iconic Ghost chair.

Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck (image by Kartell)

Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck (image by Kartell)

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In search of Wabi…

One project this month has seen me going back to my designer roots to explore the essence of what Wabi Sabi means to me. It has got me thinking also about what it means in a modern western setting? Can it exist?

My client has a small inner city warehouse style apartment. Amongst the raw concrete walls and exposed steel beams, she has been desperately trying to create a home. She has found so many challenges within this space that was once only meant to house machinery. Her small ensuite bathroom is to be our starting point… Continue reading

A lesson in minimalism by Danius…

The goal when creating a minimalistic design is to use as few elements as possible for maximum effect.

This isn’t about taking out your imaginary design chainsaw and hacking the bejesus out of everything in sight. It needs to be done with surgical precision to ensure the space will still look great and function well.

Lighting is one of those tricky components to get right for this paired back design style.


Because for the light to function you need the light source, the fitting to hold it in place and then the switch to turn it on. It doesn’t exactly scream minamilism…

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Potter Light by Bruce Rowe – was necessity the mother of invention?

History doesn’t relate to how the Potter Light came to be.

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)


I like to imagine it was the result of architect and artist Bruce Rowe (of MAKE Architecture and Anchor Ceramics) trying to find the right light for a job…

And when he couldn’t, necessity became the mother of invention and he took a seat behind his potter’s wheel and created his own. Continue reading

Challenge accepted!

One of the jobs I do for my clients is Item Sourcing.
Often the client will send me a photo with a request to track down something in it.

Today I have been sent this photo and challenged to find:

  • the chairs
  • the light
  • the wallpaper


The Challenge... (image from Heal's)

The Challenge… (image from Heal’s)

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