Interior Decorating Book

Etcetera etc by Sibella Court

Et cetera is a Latin expression that means “and other things”. Today it is more commonly recognised by its abbreviation “Etc”. It is also the name of this years must own interior design book, written by Australian interiors stylist, Sibella Court. She is a traveller, a collector and an observer. She sees the magic in the world around us. She doesn’t shy away from the imperfections of old, pre-loved and well travelled items but rather embraces them. These beautiful objects that most people would walk past and ignore, become the very core of her design style.

Etcetera Etc by Sibella Court

This is a style that is eclectic, bohemian and quirky. A style with a great sense of humor. A style that is fearless. A style that is beautifully Wabi Sabi. This is a designer that embraces colour, bold patterns, texture and objects with a sense of history. Her work has a sense of real genuine honesty rather than some sanitised version of beauty that chases after the immaculate and the flawless. She treads the wafer thin fine line between creative concept, contemporary items and vintage finds to bring a narrative to a space that makes it beautiful and totally unique. Continue reading