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First learn the rules, then break them..

first learn the rules then break them. quote


I admit it seems counter intuitive to learn something with the sole goal to do the opposite. Sure sometimes rules are there for a reason. They are the rules we are wise to follow. But at the same time there are many assumptions coated in a way that we feel a need to obey their suggestions. If we do not question them, we are set to follow their proscribed route…

Trends are a classic example. Nothing more than a fad – they are something wisely avoided, as fast as they are a hot favorite they are out of the spot light, leaving your space with a definitive time stamp.

By questioning their design ethos you can decide what is right for you. Be brave, write your own rules, something that is unique for you and you only. We need people who dare to break the rules knowingly and to chart their own path without an existing map!

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl

Inspiration will come…

Inspiration Quote Pablo Picasso


One of the great pleasures about being a designer is the freedom we have to let our imagination run wild as we create.

The flip side of that coin is the horrible sinking feeling we get when we have an attack of our own version of “writer’s block”. Continue reading

Keep Calm and Therese Sennerholt

Today I have been on the hunt for some interesting posters or artwork for a buzzing home office. Every time I visit the client I am conscious of what a hive of activity it is. It’s always GO, GO GO!

The brief: “Something to add a sense of calm, motivation and interest…”

Type in the words “Calm” and “Poster” and every search will come up with “Keep Calm and …”


"Keep Calm and Carry On" - the original 1939 propogranda poster...

“Keep Calm and Carry On” – the original 1939 propogranda poster…


I loved the original concept but now it seems the message has reached saturation. It is emblazoned across everything from coffee mugs to iPad covers. It’s time for something new. Continue reading

Seeing is believing (or is it?)

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… let me go upstairs and check.” M.C. Escher (Dutch graphic artist)

Chicago based Graphic Designer, Thomas Quinn has played with our notion of reality with his creative anamorphic typography project.


"Face Reality As It Is" by Thomas Quinn (image by Thomas Quinn)

“Face Reality As It Is” by Thomas Quinn (image by Thomas Quinn)


I love that in the right spot the message is crystal clear but a single step shatters the image… Continue reading

The Purist – Typography to make you stop and think…

Deep in the English countryside, where the air hints of wild flowers and wood-smoke, lies a tiny studio between two woods, in which thoughts are captured, transformed into words, played with or asked politely to leave.”

And so begins your poetic introduction to The Purist.
A collaboration between the creative minds of  Jamie Harris and Andrew Morrison.


“the impossible just takes longer” (image from The Purist)

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