Cinco de Mayo

If you sitting here looking for an excuse to drink margaritas, wear a sombrero and shake your maracas today is your lucky day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Now you could head to you local Mexican restaurant or better still host your own party. To set the tone you are going to need to decorate your table and I have found the perfect inspiration…

Cinco De Mayo themed table setting (image from Pinterest)

Cinco De Mayo themed table setting (image from Pinterest)

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Guy Laramee – Carved Book Landscapes

One of the reasons so many old or broken things get discarded is because most people can only see it for what it is now and not what it could be.  I find it really inspiring when a designer, craftsman or artist takes this perceived trash and transform it into treasure.

One such artist is Guy Laramee. He takes old books and turns them into these amazing landscapes…

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Life is Precious… (so is great design)

How would you define great design?

For me, it is when the design solves a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible. If that is achieved, then I believe the result will be honest and timeless.

Consider the humble paperclip… the design for that bent piece of wire came about in the 1870’s. It’s simple performance-centric design is why it has survived and stood the test of time.

Now imagine you have to survive a particularly arduous period of time. You would want an ace up your sleeve. That ace in design is the “Life is Precious” survival kit.


Life is Precious survival kit by Fort Standard for Wallpaper Magazine

Life is Precious survival kit by Fort Standard for Wallpaper Magazine

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First learn the rules, then break them..

first learn the rules then break them. quote


I admit it seems counter intuitive to learn something with the sole goal to do the opposite. Sure sometimes rules are there for a reason. They are the rules we are wise to follow. But at the same time there are many assumptions coated in a way that we feel a need to obey their suggestions. If we do not question them, we are set to follow their proscribed route…

Trends are a classic example. Nothing more than a fad – they are something wisely avoided, as fast as they are a hot favorite they are out of the spot light, leaving your space with a definitive time stamp.

By questioning their design ethos you can decide what is right for you. Be brave, write your own rules, something that is unique for you and you only. We need people who dare to break the rules knowingly and to chart their own path without an existing map!

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl

Inspiration will come…

Inspiration Quote Pablo Picasso


One of the great pleasures about being a designer is the freedom we have to let our imagination run wild as we create.

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