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Switching OFF thanks to Hu2 Design’s Eco Reminders…

We have just had a call for help from one of our clients. Their problem must exist in offices, the world over – people just keep leaving the lights on and appliances plugged in/on standby.

The end result is that the actions of a few, have everyone feeling that they aren’t really being that supportive to the work place sustainability initiative and the power bill is soaring.


Wouldn't it be great if the light could unplug itself...


Now rather than resort to a passive aggressive battle of post-it notes stuck everywhere, the brief was simple, “remind this fun loving office that there are ramifications to their actions, in a way that will bring a smile as they remember to turn the lights off”.

Our solution was to think outside the box, err light switch, and turn the offending items into statement pieces to give a clear message. Continue reading