Hand Crafted

Guy Laramee – Carved Book Landscapes

One of the reasons so many old or broken things get discarded is because most people can only see it for what it is now and not what it could be.  I find it really inspiring when a designer, craftsman or artist takes this perceived trash and transform it into treasure.

One such artist is Guy Laramee. He takes old books and turns them into these amazing landscapes…

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Potter Light by Bruce Rowe – was necessity the mother of invention?

History doesn’t relate to how the Potter Light came to be.

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)

Potter Light in charcoal by Bruce Rowe (image by Scottie Cameron)


I like to imagine it was the result of architect and artist Bruce Rowe (of MAKE Architecture and Anchor Ceramics) trying to find the right light for a job…

And when he couldn’t, necessity became the mother of invention and he took a seat behind his potter’s wheel and created his own. Continue reading

Episode IV – “A New Hope”

If I gave you a box of crayons what would you create?

I imagine most of you immediately think of them as the tools with which to draw or write…


But to Star Wars fan and sculptor Steve Thompson they could be carved into characters from his beloved movies. Patiently he whittled away the wax to reveal….

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Will 2012 be the year of the artisan & craftsman?

As the rain continues to fall I can’t help but think of floods that swept through Queensland at the start of this year. I was lucky that my home wasn’t damaged but I got to see firsthand the damage it did in my local area. I have clients who are only now getting back into their homes.


Is this rain making them feel a bit nervous? Yes of course but as one client said it forces you to really evaluate what is important in your life and what you want for your future. Continue reading