Tree Tent by Luminair

It appears everyone I know is going camping this Easter holiday.
I love the idea of heading off into the great outdoors in search of adventure.
It’s just the promise of nonstop rain that has slightly dampened my enthusiasm.


However, if it was on a trip into the forest to a Tree Tent by Luminair I could be swayed!
What a rare treat to wake up high in a thick green forest canopy…


Tree Tent in the forest (image by Luminair). camping. adventure

Tree Tent in the forest (image by Luminair)

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What does Easter mean to you?


I have been pondering what it’s all about. Easter that is. At first glance it seems to be a time when religion and confectionery mix, which when you think about is a bizarre mix!


Take the Easter bunny… It all stems from a Northwest European folklore about a hare that gave out coloured eggs to children that were good. Now given that the hare (or rabbit) and eggs have been a symbol of fertility and it occurs in spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) – a time of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Its fairly clear the message is about a new beginning. Continue reading