Contemporary Furniture Design

Halloween – Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck

On this the night of Halloween when the ghosts and ghouls abound and our quiet suburban streets echo to the sounds of “Trick or Treat”…

One chair should take their pride of place at the head of the All Hallows Day feastPhilippe Starck’s iconic Ghost chair.

Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck (image by Kartell)

Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck (image by Kartell)

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A lesson in Upcycling…

We are a disposable society. It has become all too easy to discard something rather than look at ways to repurpose it.

There is a real gift in looking at a piece destined for the scrap heap and see if any of its parts could be salvaged to potentially function in a new way.

Once you harness that creative spirit and lateral thinking the world of upcycling opens up and it is incredible the levels you can take it.

Tim Collins of Cloud Melbourne is one such inspiring Australian industrial designer.


Realax stools by Tim Collins (image by Cloud Melbourne)

Realax stools by Tim Collins (image by Cloud Melbourne)

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Sea Fever – The Spinnaker Chair

Can you imagine setting off for an adventure on the high seas?
The snap of the sail as it catches the wind…
The invigoration you feel as you inhale the salt air…
The movement under your feet as your vessel begins to run…

Norwegian designers from Scenario and Hødnebø have teamed up to create a unique chair. They wanted to blend that sense of freedom you get from sailing with a contemporary chair design.
The Spinnaker Chair was born.


The Spinnaker Chair created by Scenario and Hodnebo design teams

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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” – Michelangelo (only Monocomplex just had old cardboard instead…)

I love days like today! It was spent bringing the separate strands of a design that were months in the planning and sourcing together to create a new space.

While the clients’ were at work all their furniture arrived  – some new, some revived and some repurposed.

It was my job to turn it into a liveable space so that when they walked through their front door they would be home (and not buried under a pile of boxes)

As the day went on that pile of cardboard packaging and boxes just kept growing.


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The Dami Series by Seung-Yong Song

“Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.”
David Lewis (20th century philosopher)

If your Korean is a little rusty, let me help you out, Dami means “put in”.

It is also the name for the latest work by South Korean industrial designer Seung-Yong Song.

His vision was to blend modern objects with traditional beauty.


Dami series by Seung Yong Song (image from designer)

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