SJ Bookcase by We Do Wood

A new client lives in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Brisbane river.

Its views are what makes this inner city unit a real find and the wall to ceiling windows make for the perfect feature wall to maximise the view.

It’s one challenge is its petite size.


The first part of the client’s brief is for Sabi Style to find a green/sustainable solution to showcase some of their amazing collection of treasures brought back from their travels.

Our goal is to find something that will enhance rather than make the space feel cramped or awkward.


The solution is the SJ Bookcase by Danish designers from We Do Wood.


Sustainably designed "SJ Bookcase" by Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen from We Do Wood (image from We Do Wood)

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Phoenix Roadster by Kenneth Cobonpue & Alberth Birkner: The first biodegradable car design


When it comes to progress the hardest part is often that first step. When you think of the automotive industry it’s unlikely that the words “sustainability” and “hand crafted” spring to mind. Imagine if that was all to change.

What’s that I hear you say… Too hard! Impossible! It’ll never happen!

Well the highly talented Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue (famous for his incredible use of natural fibres like rattan) has teamed up with Alberth Birkner to take us on that first step.

Meet the Phoenix Roadster.


Phoenix Roadster Concept Car by Kenneth Cobonpue and Alberth Birkner (image from Kenneth Cobonpue)

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The new way to travel around town…

We all know it would be better on the environment if everyone cycled around town instead of getting in their car.

City Smog


If you were told you had to speed around town on a push bike I imagine you would secretly want it to be on some sci-fi designed, light as a feather machine that will fly like the wind… Continue reading

the Green School, Bali

Every so often you see something that literally stops you dead in your tracks. For me this has just happened today as I was researching Bamboo.

Bamboo Forest

In our modern world it is slowly starting to be used in contemporary applications. We see it as something only used in traditional building projects. We seem to forget that it can be strong like steel yet flexible (and grows naturally). Each of the varieties of Bamboo can bring something special that can allow buildings and furniture to twist and curve into amazing architectural shapes. Continue reading