DV01 Bicycle by David Qvick – where form and function meet…

When it comes to design I am really passionate about finding the balance between form and function. Often designers get caught up in the beauty of something and don’t think about the client and how they will use the product or space.

A beautiful example of getting the balance right is the DV01 concept bike by Swedish designer David Qvick.

David Qvick with his DV01 bicycle (photo by John Wennerberg)


At first glance it looks quite a simple straightforward design but it’s the closer inspection that will reveal all the beautiful details, like the wooden handlebars and storage rack that places this as something of real beauty.


Close up of the beautiful wooden handlebars (photo by John Wennerberg)

Close up of wooden storage rack (photo by John Wennerberg)


What impresses me about this design is that David Qvick has looked at all the individual components that make up the bike and made sure that each works with the next and looks beautiful. The end result is this almost effortlessly stylish bike.




Where form and function meet - the DV01 by David Qvist (photo by John Wennerberg)


This would be the perfect bike to hang on your Bike Shelf“!


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