Step aside Bonnie & Clyde it time for Bonnie & Neil…

In a small Melbourne studio lurks the creative magic of Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie from, appropriately enough, Bonnie and Neil. The duo are perfectly matched with Bonnie’s love of vintage fabric and her background in textile design, blending with Neil’s exceptional skill of designing and making furniture.

The result is a clever twist on Australiana ( happily, minus any cringe factor).

Hand printed cushions (image: Bonnie and Neil)

All their products are handmade using reclaimed timber and hand printed using water based inks. I love the use of geometric patterns mixed with native Australian flora and fauna.

Handmade Storage Cubes (image: Bonnie and Neil)

As each piece is handmade, they are unique in beautifully subtle ways. The shadow boxes for example come from reclaimed Tasmanian oak floorboards that have been sourced from old houses in the area. In a beautifully Wabi Sabi way, any dents and imperfections that have come from their past life are allowed to remain.

Shadow Boxes in reclaimed Tasmanian Oak floorboards by Bonnie and Neil (image: Bonnie and Neil)

This is design that makes me smile. Beautifully crafted, inspiring imagery, great colour palate mixed with a strong degree of sustainability.

Timber Artwork hand printed on reclaimed timber (image: Bonnie and Neil)

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