Maria Olevik & Maria Larsson – Books to Illuminate the Mind


I have a thing for antique books.

There is something about the embossed leather and the promise of what lies within that draws me, like a moth to a flame.

I would love to have a library filled with original early editions – but not just to sit there and look pretty but rather to be read and enjoyed.

My dream library filled with leather bound books


There would of course be a mandatory secret passageway behind one of the shelves that could only be accessed by tilting the right book.

Collection of antique books (photo by Liam Quin)


You can therefore imagine the jaw dropping excitement when I came across the amazing work of Swedish artists Maria Olevik & Maria Larsson. Sweden has always had a tradition of making great ceramics but they have taken this to a whole new level…

Scrinium by Maria Olevik and Maria Larsson

Scrinium (wall mounted) by Maria Olevik and Maria Larsson


Scrinium” (bookshelf in Latin) is a ceramic light made from bone china. It can be placed on a bookshelf or as a work of art onto the wall (for those of you that don’t share my desire for a huge library!).  I am in awe of the incredible detail.

Pile of Light by Maria Olevik and Maria Larsson


They have also created a play on the table light with “Pile of Light”. Here the porcelain “books” are combined with real antique books to create a beautiful centre piece. In both cases they have used real books to create the mold. It is breathtaking the level of craftsmanship.

Maria Olevik and Maria Larsson at the launch of the Anthropologie London store

 If books are said to be illuminating to the dark corners of the mind… then, I think it is safe to say they have created a perfect light for your pursuit of knowledge.


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3 Responses to Maria Olevik & Maria Larsson – Books to Illuminate the Mind

  • Gary Hamer says:

    Good to meet up today Oliver.
    And now I’ve seen the Jacobsen cutlery!

  • Ann Henriksson says:

    Bästa Maria & Maria
    Var kan man köpa er underbara Pile of Light och vad kostar den?
    Ann Henriksson

  • Gail Shaw says:

    Hello I purchased two sets of the light up books plus the antique books with the China bboks on top. Remember me from USA?? They still beautiful and I still receive compliments. Just wanted to say hello and I still love your work.
    Please put your masterpieces on PINTEREST!!!

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