Nestrest by Dedon – your personal escape pod

Just imagine its a beautiful sunny day. You walk out into the garden, favourite book tucked under one arm, glass of your prefered single malt firmly in hand… where do you go?

a)      The hammock

b)      The daybed

c)       The giant tree house you built for yourself and are still getting slightly odd looks when your friends come over…

Your Chill-Out Options


Imagine there was an option that combined them all.

Let’s face it who doesn’t want a secluded haven at the bottom of the garden to act as their private escape pod from the hectic world around us. Somewhere to curl up and enjoy the simple pleasures in life (like that aged single malt).

Do Not Disturb drawing by Marc Johns


Meet the NESTREST – Ingeniously designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety for Dedon.

Nestrest by Dedon - Garden Escape (photo by Dedon)

Nestrest by Dedon - Mountain Escape (photo by Dedon)

Nestrest by Dedon - Woodland Escape (photo by Dedon)

Nestrest by Dedon - Lakeside Haven (photo by Dedon)


Your nest like escape pod comes in two design options:

The hanging lounger – for the more Tarzan inspired amongst us…

Nestrest Hanging Lounger in Natural finish (photo by Dedon)

The standing lounger – for those that like their feet firmly planted on the ground…

Nestrest Standing Lounger in Natural Finish (photo by Dedon)


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2 Responses to Nestrest by Dedon – your personal escape pod

  • Sarah says:

    Putting the hanging ‘Tarzan style’ hanging nest on my ‘ must get’ list.
    Thanks Oliver, for leading me to this awesome blog?
    Sarah from Build4Cost.

  • Julian says:

    nice design and placement of the nestrest, it looks very modern and great for outdoor use.

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