Remove the Stuff and free up your life…

If there is one thing the Queensland Floods taught me (other than Noah was on the money when it rains a lot) is that people as a whole accumumate a lot of stuff. Some of it is treasured memories but a lot is the result of impulse purchasing when viewing late night TV!

This week I have been working with a client that has relocated from her sprawling 4 bedroom house in suburbia to a hot inner city pad. The obvious problem was that she had too much “stuff” and now no place to dump err I mean store it.

I am sure if you look around your own home you will likely have a spare bedroom or at the very least a closet overflowing with things. At some point they were valued additions to our life but now they end up spending the rest of their life hidden away in draws or cupboards to surface ever once in a while only to be replaced because they fit in the “I might need that one day” box.

Stuff (designed by Ruben DeLuna)

I believe strongly that the identity of a home and indeed what transforms it from a “house” is that the space reflects the person occupying it. There is nothing worse than walking into a house and realising that the interior may look beautiful in an interiors magazine but it lacks any real soul & substance. In fact it is just a cookie cutter of a design. A one size fits all – just layers of trends and current fashion that in a blink of an eye it will look dated and tired.

The Interior Design for your House. One size does NOT fit all.

So what is the solution?

In this case it has been a question of being ruthless and creating a design that helps to define the client and work with her new lifestyle. It has been about getting the client reconnecting with what really matter to her.

If we are surrounded with the things that remind us of our travels & adventures, friends & family and anything else that we love, then the whole space will feel right.

Trasured Collection of Fish (by artist and taxidermist Steve Hofer)

This isn’t an exercise in throwing out the things you adore like your much loved and treasured collection fish preserved by the taxidermist but rather about paring them back to the really important pieces. You want each piece to be seen and enjoyed.

This is a chance to invite change to keep the place feeling fresh.

In this case we were asked to have a design that could constantly evolve so we have created four separate designs to suit the seasons. It is all about the layers. As the seasons change, now so will the space but at the core the client identity will remain firmly stamped! It means that her collections that remained lost in the back of a cupboard will have their chance to shine as they take centre stage for a season.

The Changing Seasons

I think less stuff could lead us to a simpler life, lighter mind and a clearer perception… and a clearer perception will guide us towards a more successful life.

Don’t believe you can do it?

Then see what professional organiser Felice Cohen has achieved when she moved into her tiny 8.3 square meter (90 square foot) apartment in New York…

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