Boskke Sky Planter

You don’t need me to tell you that natural living plants in a space are a good thing.

Indoor Plants

For a start they look beautiful. Then there are the pages and pages of case studies that have proven that in any indoor space (home or office) living plants are the way to go. They absorb Carbon Dioxide (and other nasties) and emit Oxygen. The cleaner and fresher our environment, the better we feel and more productive and alert we are.

Great, you say… but I don’t have space to create a plant nursery.

That is where Boskke enter to turn that whole notion of lack of space on its head. Literally.

Hanging Garden with Boskke's Sky Planter

I love their award winning, space saving Sky Planter. Designed by New Zealand designer Patrick Morris, it solves the problem in such an amazingly creative way. You can use it to have a couple of herbs handy in the kitchen or create your own green hanging installation not seen since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

How does it work?

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