Earth Hour – 26th March 2011 at 8.30pm

I love Earth Hour. Last night we had a party to celebrate. Everything electrical that could be switched off was and the only light was by beautiful Queen B natural beeswax candles that filled the space  with their soft honey aroma. Bliss!

Eco-bulb Natural Beeswax Candles by Queen B for Earth Hour

At 8.30pm (local time) on the last Saturday in March, Earth Hour takes place – Everyone is encouraged to turn off their lights and other non essential electrical appliances.  It all started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when there was a concerted drive by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and the World Wildlife Fund to encourage people to turn off all the lights in the CBD for 1 hour to raise awareness and to make a stand against climate change. 12 months later and a city’s actions grew to become a global sustainability movement with over 35 countries participating. Each year that goes by it gets bigger and bigger as more people join the cause.

As with any event there will be critics. I think it is great that this happens and questions are asked. How else can something grow and improve?

Earth Hour


For me, the whole event is a chance to sit back with my best friends, with great food cooking on the bbq, and enjoy their company. It is wonderful to catch the snippets of conversation floating around and see the animated faces lit by the soft glow of the candle light. For music, we left the iPod off and two of our friends serenaded us with their acoustic guitars… Suddenly life was all together simpler.

Face by Candlelight (photo by Szymon Mazurek)


I think it is important that we tackle the problems facing the world today. But I also think it is important that we don’t lose sight of the simple pleasures that enrich our lives. It is these that we must protect, nurture and allow to grow. People say that our individual actions won’t make a difference – I think when you hear the unabashed  laughter of those around you and see the smiles on your friend’s faces in the flickering light you will be inspired to embrace life and protect that which matters.


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