Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I love St Patricks Day. Not because it has anything to do with a Briton named Padraig, an ex slave who converted the clans of Ireland to Christianity. I’m certainly not about to kick the hornets’ nest debating Ireland and religion.

Saint Patrick


Most things that people associate with today’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations are in fact American… drinking green beer whilst wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “Kiss me I’m Irish”  would look a bit weird down the Falls Road, Belfast and certainly not a great idea down the neighbouring, predominantly loyalist Shankill Road!

Embracing the St Patrick's Day festive spirit


I grew up just outside Belfast and for me this isn’t a day to dwell on dark sides of Ireland’s political & religious unrest (the struggles between the green and the orange) but rather a day to enjoy a few pints of Guinness and have some craic.   

The Perfect Pint


One doesn’t have to be Irish to enjoy the day. There is an unwritten rule that regardless of your ethnic origins, today everyone is Irish. So be you in Belfast, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Boston, Baghdad, Barcelona or Bangkok I wish you a Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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