Dalton Ghetti – A lesson in Patience & Perseverance


Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish” ~ John Quincy Adams (6th President of USA, anti-slavery advocate)


Where once we sent a letter that could take days or weeks to arrive, we now send an email that arrives in seconds. Nowadays everything happens so fast – it’s all go, go, go. Everything appears hectic and stressful. We seem to have lost the ability to be patient. As a designer I think it is a powerful thing to be able to just stop and focus. It is as if that very act allows the creativity to flow and the solution to appear.

PatienceWhen I need to summon the magic of Patience & Perseverance I think “What would Dalton Ghetti do? I am fairly sure that if you were to look up Patience & Perseverance in the dictionary, there would be a photo of him. If not there should be. You see Dalton Ghetti has a rather unique hobby. Without the aid of a magnifying glass and with only the help of some homemade tools he carves petite sculptures into pencil lead.The Begining - A Lesson in Patience & Perseverance

I am in awe of his ability to create these miniature masterpieces. Imagine just how much Zen monk like level of patience and perseverance is required? Each piece takes months to complete and some have taken years!

Link of Chain by Dalton Ghetti

Heart on a Chain by Dalton Ghetti

The Key by Dalton Ghetti

The Saw by Dalton Ghetti

The Screw by Dalton Ghetti

Can you imagine how many times he would have nearly finished, when the lead snaps… and instead of going mad he just starts again. And what is even more amazing is that he has never sold one of his pieces. He gives them as gifts to his friends.

The Alphabet by Dalton Ghetti


I find his work so inspiring. It makes you realise anything is possible. You just need a little Patience & Perseverance!



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3 Responses to Dalton Ghetti – A lesson in Patience & Perseverance

  • “Can you imagine how many times he would have nearly finished, when the lead snaps… ” Yes! That did occur to me, too and looking at his work, one can only imagine that his extent of frustration would possibly amount to a brief *sigh* before picking up a new pencil. Good post – thought provoking, one, actually because it’s true: a little quiet time to ponder options, more often than not, reveals truth.

    • Oliver says:

      Its amazing to think in a world of instant everything there is this oasis of calm out there.

      Its funny to think that without that “truth” our design can so easily lose its authenticity and slowly slip away.

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