Rosaria Rattin – Designer

Fabbriche collection for Kose by Rosaria Rattin


There is something truly magical about the work of Italian designer Rosaria Rattin. I love the “Fabbriche” collection for Kose

She started out studying architecture in Venice. It is said that she felt repressed by the design constraints and moved to Paris to study fashion. She attended Marie Ruckié’s fashion courses at Studio Bercot

Rosaria Rattin


After several years working with the fashion industry she started designing object d’art.  The objects all have such an organic quality and an amazing feeling of lightness. It’s as if they belong in the natural, not the man made world. 

For me, she has redefined style and beauty using her skills as a master craftsman to bring back the true beauty of handcrafting during this technological age of iPads and iPhones. 

Her objects are pure, both in shapes and materials. She is a true artisan that captures the essence of nature and an energy for life without constraints. 

As a designer I draw inspiration from the natural world. I love the free flowing forms and the mix of vibrant and muted colours, the textures and the beauty that is found in the imperfection of shapes. I find Rosaria Rattin’s work to be a revelation and I can’t help but marvel at it. I love the pared back shapes and the subtle colours.

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