The Hunt to Extinction


This brilliant film was created by Heal the Bay and narrated by actor Jeremy Iron. It is designed to make people aware of California’s plastic bag pollution problem.


But what has this got to do with Interior Design or Interior Decoration?


Simple, I think we have to use creativity to find solutions to problems such as these. Rather than see these bags as a disposable commodity to be thrown out (and end up destroying our water ways and oceans) we need to create a reason for them not to be discarded.


The solution is to “Upcycle”. This is where a discarded item is repurposed to create something of greater value and use. From a design point of view, I think these products need to be able to stand as equal or superior to similar products on the market to encourage people to see eco-friendly products as stylish, chic and beautiful.


Don’t believe it is possible… then take Ryan Frank’s Inkuku Chair:

Inkuku Chair by Ryan Frank

This is a brilliant example of a product that is leading the way in eco-friendly, contemporary furniture design. It is only on second look do you realise that this contemporary piece of furniture is in fact made using upcycled plastic shopping bags!

The concept can be taken further. In Bamako, Mali (West Africa) the reality is that people don’t have anywhere near the number of possessions as their western world counterparts. Kix Studio designed the Mousso Koroba rocking chair specifically to suit the end user – the people of Bamako. It is priced about $25 which is the same as a standard local chair. Not only is it upcycling materials that can be found in large quantities, it is also being built by the local people.

Mousso Koroba Rocking Chair by Kix Studio

So now you have a product designed to suit the lifestyle of the end user, that will be created locally and using upcycled materials. All of which will have a positive effect on both the local economy and environment.


I think the majestic plastic bag is the one species we should hunt to extinction.


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