Thinking outside the packaging box…

I unwrapped another item as we began to dress the client’s house. I looked over at the pile of packaging that was steadily growing. Thankfully a lot of it can be recycled. It is obvious what to do with the cardboard and the biodegradable void fill. There are now solutions with the plastic wrapping that will vary on your location from curb side pick up to drop off points.  

But what about  the polystyrene?

Polystyrene packaging waste outside a shopIn our love of Technology it appears that our gadgets are getting bigger and better. None more so than the TV. As they get bigger so do does the amount of packaging required to keep them safe during transit. The problem is what happens with it after it has been delivered. Tom Ballhatchet has come up with a genius solution. Its simplicity is what makes it so clever – don’t throw them out but rather have them as part of the overall entertainment unit!“Sorry say that again” I hear you yell...TV Packaging turns into TV Stand (Concept by Tom Ballhatchet)

Once they have served their purpose as packaging, the pieces are reassembled to become your new entertainment stand with a built in cable management system. While currently still in a prototype stage it is easy to see how this could revolutionise packaging in the future.

Eco Friendly TV Stand designed by Tom Ballhatchet

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