Etcetera etc by Sibella Court

Et cetera is a Latin expression that means “and other things”. Today it is more commonly recognised by its abbreviation “Etc”. It is also the name of this years must own interior design book, written by Australian interiors stylist, Sibella Court. She is a traveller, a collector and an observer. She sees the magic in the world around us. She doesn’t shy away from the imperfections of old, pre-loved and well travelled items but rather embraces them. These beautiful objects that most people would walk past and ignore, become the very core of her design style.

Etcetera Etc by Sibella Court

This is a style that is eclectic, bohemian and quirky. A style with a great sense of humor. A style that is fearless. A style that is beautifully Wabi Sabi. This is a designer that embraces colour, bold patterns, texture and objects with a sense of history. Her work has a sense of real genuine honesty rather than some sanitised version of beauty that chases after the immaculate and the flawless. She treads the wafer thin fine line between creative concept, contemporary items and vintage finds to bring a narrative to a space that makes it beautiful and totally unique.

Travelers and Magicians Colour Scheme creates a Bedouin Inspired Living by Sibella Court

There is something immediately tactile about this book. Unlike most design books every part of it helps tell the story… from the scattered images that look like they have been stapled to the page and the notes stuck underneath that look like they were punched out on an old typewriter. It feels just like you have the designer’s own private notebook filled with all their secrets.

Inside Etcetera Etc by Sibella Court

Opening the book launches you on an incredible adventure. Like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, into a creative, sensory mind-blowing journey into a truly creative world. But this isn’t a world that is out of the everyday persons reach. This isn’t about a great designer looking down from their ivory tower showcasing the work of clients with multimillion dollar budgets. This isn’t about spaces that enjoy the front cover of glossy magazines – those mythical spaces that look wonderful but you can never imagine actually being lived in. No this is a book that embraces the world around us but encourages the reader to step outside the box, to revalue those things that are close to their heart – not because they are expensive but because they actually mean something to you.

A Collection of Glass Jars Brought to Life in Etcetera Etc

This is a book that will not only inspire but educate. The creative suggestions can be tailored to fit any space and any collection. There are exquisite colour schemes that were created by Sibella and available right now at Murobond Colour. These are so cleverly put together. Everything starts with the Foundation scheme that would anchor any space. It could be used by itself to create a really sophisticated look or in conjunction with any of the other schemes. With names like Travellers & Magicians, Trade winds and Indigo Blues it’s not hard to feel inspired!

Foundation Colour Scheme by Sibella Court

Collection of Japanese Charcoal by Sibella Court


 It comes as no surprise to hear it has won “Best Designed Book of the Year” at the annual APA Book Design Awards. For everyone who got an IPad or a Kindle this Christmas, this is not the book to download. This is a book you need to see for yourself and hold in your hands to fully appreciate. A book that will become an old friend that you will take with you on your own creative journey. A book that you will go back to again and again for inspiration or for the simple joy of seeing something beautiful. This is the book that will ensure you surround yourself with the things in your life that have meaning, that will lift your heart every time you see it. You will create spaces that will fill you with joy and bring your own unique world to life.

Indigo Blue Colour Scheme brought to life by Sibella Court

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