The Treehotel, Sweden

Just below the Arctic Circle, in Northern Sweden, an hour’s drive northwest of Luleå has become home to some truly creative and eco friendly thinking. The small village of Harads is an unlikely home to host this inventive concept but then it just goes to prove “if you build it, they will come“.  


Nestled in this magical forest, is an eco-hotel unlike any other.  The owners wanted their hotel to sit within its landscape and to allow the guests to appreciate the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds them. In summer this region can enjoy one to two months of Midnight Sun – a very long period of constant daylight.

Midnight Sun in the Swedish Forest by Tomas Utsi


They have chosen to create a tree-house village. Currently with 5 “houses” but with a plan for another 20 to be built in the next few years.

The Mirror Cube By Tham & Videgard Architects

Bird's Nest by Inrednings Gruppen


Each room was individually designed by a different team of architects. This collaboration has resulted in a hotel that steps away from the opulent swagger that most hotels go for, instead allowing innovative design to shine.

The Cabin by Cyren & Cyren

The UFO by Inrednings Gruppen


The architecture embraces the individuality of each tree house, while collectively pushing the creative boundaries with childlike abandon of any supposed rules. I love that there is such a sense of adventure and fun. Too often sustainable, eco-friendly design can be seen to tred the spartan, utilitarian path out of fear that anything else would not be taken seriously.

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