Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When it comes to buildings most people would recognise the common brick as the true building block of the construction world.


This is not all that surprising when you realise that the first bricks were made around 8000 BC… yes 10,000 years ago! These first bricks were made from sun-dried clay in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) and used to literally build their civilization.   

Building the Temple of Warka

Around 5000BC bricks were being dried and fired in a kiln. The Romans brought the technology to Britain but the skill is said to have died out when they left. It was reintroduced by the Flemish.


In 1788 the First Fleet arrived in Australia and with it, two vital things: Convict & Master Bricklayer James Bloodsworth and brick moulds.  No one is quite sure what Bloodsworth’s crimes were to get him transported in irons but he was immediately appointed master bricklayer in the first settlement and can be credited with most of the design and building of the time. He earned his pardon in 1790 and had the closest thing the young colony could provide in the way of a state funeral at his death.

Old Government House Parramatta designed & built by James Bloodsworth (painting by George William Evans)


Now a days with the clean lines of a rendered wall it seems that the brick has fallen from favour as a creative material in its own right. Enter stage left, Austral Bricks and their Brick Art. Austral Bricks are leading the way in showcasing the versatility and unique designs that can be achieved with bricks.

Michael Jackson Brick Art by Austral Bricks

and so in the words of Dorothy…


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