Cinco de Mayo

If you sitting here looking for an excuse to drink margaritas, wear a sombrero and shake your maracas today is your lucky day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Now you could head to you local Mexican restaurant or better still host your own party. To set the tone you are going to need to decorate your table and I have found the perfect inspiration…

Cinco De Mayo themed table setting (image from Pinterest)

Cinco De Mayo themed table setting (image from Pinterest)

Outdoor living and dining has always been part of life in Mexico so first step is to take that table outside. Colourful living and the use of bold colour is standard practice so turn up the volume! Finally you need some greenery to bring mother nature closer. What better way than with succulents and cacti…

I once asked a local why everything in Mexico was painted in such bright colours. He looked at me like I was mad and then replied “because we are unafraid to let go and take a chance”.

Now that sounds like the perfect motto for a party!


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