Nils Nova – Artist

As a designer I love to play with the visual concept of space. In some cases the idea is to make a space feel snug and cosy, while at other times it is all about an abundance of light and space.

Sun Room Illusion by Nils Nova


When it comes to playing with our perception of space, there is no greater magician than Nils Novs. If anyone could build the Tardis out of Doctor Who, it would be him.  With his giant installations he can change a space completely.

Room Extension Illusion by Nils Nova


It appears at first glance so simple and I think in there lies his true skill. Suddenly you realise the corridor you are looking down is in fact a wall with a picture on it.

More Art by Nils Nova

These pictures haven’t been photo shopped or manipulated. They are actual shots of the canvases in situ. Amazing!

The Magic of Nils Nova unmasked

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