Inspiration will come…

Inspiration Quote Pablo Picasso


One of the great pleasures about being a designer is the freedom we have to let our imagination run wild as we create.

The flip side of that coin is the horrible sinking feeling we get when we have an attack of our own version of “writer’s block”.

I am sure all designers have experienced this at some point. The fear creeps up on you and you wonder if your creativity has finally dried up. Will it be gone forever?

I have found that the solution that best works for me is to do – rather than stare at the blank piece of paper for hours, I start the process by jotting down the first word that comes into my head when I think about the design brief – no matter how random or surreal. From there I sketch the first thing I think of from that word and so the process begins.

I find that once I start, the creativity that had been hiding in the shadows comes out for a closer look to see what I am doing.

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