A lesson in minimalism by Danius…

The goal when creating a minimalistic design is to use as few elements as possible for maximum effect.

This isn’t about taking out your imaginary design chainsaw and hacking the bejesus out of everything in sight. It needs to be done with surgical precision to ensure the space will still look great and function well.

Lighting is one of those tricky components to get right for this paired back design style.


Because for the light to function you need the light source, the fitting to hold it in place and then the switch to turn it on. It doesn’t exactly scream minamilism…

But imagine if all those things could be combined…


power switch and light collection of 3 by Danius

Clever design combines the power switch and the light source (image by Danius)


Meet the Power Switch Light. Danius has cleverly combined the power switch and lighting component to create their wall light concept.

What is the real stroke of genius is that this light is on a spring so can be recessed when not in use. Given that the goal is to minimise anything not fundamental to look and function, this allows you to hide all the components until needed at night when you want the light, thereby creating maximum visual effect.


power switch and light by Danius visible and hiddens

Now you see it, now you don’t… (image by Danius)


I get really excited when I see creative innovation like this – clever design that is simple to use…

This is the true minimalistic light!


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