A lesson in Upcycling…

We are a disposable society. It has become all too easy to discard something rather than look at ways to repurpose it.

There is a real gift in looking at a piece destined for the scrap heap and see if any of its parts could be salvaged to potentially function in a new way.

Once you harness that creative spirit and lateral thinking the world of upcycling opens up and it is incredible the levels you can take it.

Tim Collins of Cloud Melbourne is one such inspiring Australian industrial designer.


Realax stools by Tim Collins (image by Cloud Melbourne)

Realax stools by Tim Collins (image by Cloud Melbourne)

His lateral thinking has managed to team axe handles with the hardwood timber offcuts (from stair builders) to create the Realax furniture range.

His skill is that the finished product is a true testament to Upcycling. This isn’t a couple of pieces of timber cobbled together that loosely looks like a bit of furniture, if you tilt you head and squint a bit…

Each piece he has created is a thing of genuine beauty.


Realax furniture range by Tim Collins of Cloud Melbourne. Upcycling. Eco friendly. Green design

The full Realax range with stool, bench and bar stool (image by Cloud Melbourne)


This is the type of sustainable thinking that really excites me.

Too often people discard the idea because they are worried the end product will not meet the standard of finish they are hoping to achieve. I think Tim has proven that it can easily meet if not surpass expectations!

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