The new way to travel around town…

We all know it would be better on the environment if everyone cycled around town instead of getting in their car.

City Smog


If you were told you had to speed around town on a push bike I imagine you would secretly want it to be on some sci-fi designed, light as a feather machine that will fly like the wind…

Modern Marvel

There will be some romantics that would hark back to yesteryear with a nostalgic look at the old work horses that would have cruised the neighbourhoods…

A Bike from Yesteryear

What if you could have a bit of both?

Imagine if your bike was made out of a locally sourced, fast growing renewable resource. Something that was light yet strong enough to stand the rigours of the road yet supple enough to cushion and provide a smooth ride. Yes a bamboo bike!

Maise the Bamboo Bike by Cognitive Cycles


Cognitive Cycles is a Melbourne based boutique brand that has started this creative process here in Australia to create bikes that are renewable, beautiful and functional. Maisie is their first prototype design.

So in the words of Queen:


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