Colour Inspiration from Artist James McLaughlin Way

Neutral Grey Living Room by designer Susan Ferrier

I love seeing a space that conjures up real atmosphere. For me Designer, Susan Ferrier is extremely gifted at using a neutral, pared back palate to maximum effect.

Designer Susan Ferrier using artwork by James McLaughlin Way

You can see that she has taken her inspiration for the overall colour palate, from this amazing art work by James McLaughlin Way. I like how she has paired it with the horse-leg benches. Great colour selection is all about giving a space personality. Taking inspiration from a painting and then using those key colours in the space is a perfect way to bring the space to life. It is important to allow the colour palate to flow into the different rooms so each space is linked.

Artwork by James McLaughlin Way

James McLaughlin Way is famous for his powerful imagery of nature, both of landscapes with dramatic skies or the majestic quality of horses. I love these images of wild untamed nature: a storm brewing & wild horses.

Bow by James McLaughlin Way


For me, I like to think there is more to this union of art and furniture by Susan Ferrier – I like to think the benches are her way of paying homage to his horses as well.

Dark Horse by James McLaughlin Way

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