Keep Calm and Therese Sennerholt

Today I have been on the hunt for some interesting posters or artwork for a buzzing home office. Every time I visit the client I am conscious of what a hive of activity it is. It’s always GO, GO GO!

The brief: “Something to add a sense of calm, motivation and interest…”

Type in the words “Calm” and “Poster” and every search will come up with “Keep Calm and …”


"Keep Calm and Carry On" - the original 1939 propogranda poster...

“Keep Calm and Carry On” – the original 1939 propogranda poster…


I loved the original concept but now it seems the message has reached saturation. It is emblazoned across everything from coffee mugs to iPad covers. It’s time for something new.


Sometimes all you need are some well chosen words to create the biggest impact. I am a big fan (see Penning Words) of Swedish graphic designer Therese Sennerholt’s work.

For this job I have picked out:


"Calm Down" by Therese Sennerholt

“Calm Down” by Therese Sennerholt


"Keep it Simple" by Therese Sennerholt

“Keep it Simple” by Therese Sennerholt


"Be Brave" by Therese Sennerholt

“Be Brave” by Therese Sennerholt


"Shit Happens" by Therese Sennerholt

“Shit Happens” by Therese Sennerholt


"Random Squares" by Therese Sennerholt

“Random Squares” by Therese Sennerholt


"Eventually" by Therese Sennerholt

“Eventually All Things Fall Into Place” by Therese Sennerholt


So the choice now is how do we display it:

a)    Grouped together as a collective wall of art
b)    Art Gallery fashion hung around the walls


What is your favourite way to display your artwork?


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