The End Of The World (and I feel fine)…

As the Mayan Long Count calendar slowly ticks over to mark the beginning of the 13th b’ak’tunIt, the news is full of the uplifting tale that it could all be cactus for us.

It seems a bit mean spirited for the world to end just before Santa’s imminent arrival.

I will be a bit miffed that I endured the torture of Christmas shopping for it all to come to an end before the recipients get a chance to open their presents and marvel at my good work.


Exploding Earth (image from Okomakiako on DeviantArt)


It seems a bit late in the day to be fitting out the doomsday shelter in preparation for the Mayan Apocalypse/ End Of The World. Which is a shame as I would really enjoy working on that project.


Survival Bunker Plans (image from GreenWolrd Designs Inc)

Survival Bunker Plans (image from GreenWolrd Designs Inc)


I think the sensible thing to do is ensure you have a good drink in hand (Just in case/It’s Christmas/You’re on your holidays).


The good news is that we got through the Y2K scare ok and the computers didn’t all grind to a halt so that bodes well that we will be here tomorrow.
But just in case and in the words of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…

“So long and thanks for all the fish!”




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