Transylvanian Crypt Decor (suitable for a Count)

Happy Halloween! It’s time to light your Jack O’Lantern


If the call came in from Count Dracula to help add a bit of festive spirit to his Transylvanian Crypt what would you do?


Let’s face it, there is only so much you can do with a coffin in the middle of an ancient tomb so I think a spot of artwork on the stone walls would be the way to go.
Something that would look fitting amongst the tree like candelabras filled with flickering candles…


Etsy shop Reimagination Prints would be perfect.
They create amazing artwork by upcycling antique dictionary pages into imaginative works of art.


Wicked Witch antique dictionary art print (image from Reimagination Prints)



Hanging Bat (image by Reimagination Prints)



Dance with Death or Dance Macabre (image by Reimagination Prints)



“Dance of Death” shows Death having a last dance with someone.  They were originally produced to remind people that no matter who they are, their life is a fragile thing that can end at any time.
Just the kind of uplifting artwork the Count would enjoy!



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