A French Lesson by Double Merrick

What captivates me with a beautiful design is more than just its initial beauty, it’s the story behind how it came to be and the emotions and memories they can bring back.


Take Merrick Angle of Double Merrick fame, he is part illustrator/designer and part visual story teller.

An Englishman based in rural France and working out of a picturesque studio.

Hopefully with a glass of vin perched precariously on the desk…


I feel immediately sentimental when I look at his work and can’t help but grin.

They capture the essence of those wonderful old charts that used to hang in schoolrooms.


Le Ciel (image by Double Merrick)

Le Soleil (image by Double Merrick)


I remember my French teacher violently stabbing at one with a ruler whilst trying to get me to improve my vocabulary of random animals and assorted vegetables. One particularly vague illustration had me lost as to what exactly the feathered creature was. I was about to opt for a goose when the teacher finally snapped and yelled “DUCK”…

It took 5 minutes for order to return to the classroom and my class mates to be coaxed from under their desks.

It appeared they had obeyed her order to the letter.


But I digress… these amazing prints started out as an experiment by Double Merrick in replicating old printing techniques.

Which I think its safe to say he’s mastered.


La Mer (image by Double Merrick)


La Terre (image by Double Merrick)


After Double Merrick heard Elvis Presley singing Blue Moon… La Lune was born.


La Lune or Blue Moon (image by Double Merrick)



But the Pièce de résistance for me is idea they had to take the beautiful “La Lune” illustration, print it onto canvas and add a back light…

Turn off the other lights and hey presto…

You are basked in the glow of the full moon.


La Lune Wall Light (image by Double Merrick)



And talking of a great back story…

Rumor has it that “Double Merrick” was the created by Merrick’s daughter Flora.

As she puts it “He is like my daddy only better


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