Just add paint…

It’s funny that as our houses are getting bigger our creativity in the extra space seems to diminish. A classic example of this is the modern powder room or guest bathroom. They have the potential to be full of personality yet more often than not they are just a bit dull…


Two of the easiest ways to personalise the space are:
1)     Paint colour – don’t be afraid to be bold with the choice
2)     Add Artwork  – it is your home so have fun!


A great example of this is a powder room, designed by Hillary Thomas, and featured in Lonny Mag .


Powder room makeover by designer Hillary Thomas (image from Lonny Mag)


I really love that instead of the mirror above the sink, there is this collection of artwork. It really brings this space to life!

For those that may panic at the notion of no mirror in the space you can always hang one on the back of the door.


Paintings instead of a mirror (image from Lonny Magazine)


How fantastic is the paint colour? In a small space there can be a temptation to just paint everything white. Imagine if that had been the case here. The colour selection works so well with the artwork. The white adds a crispness that is perfect for a bathroom and the turquoise blue adds a zest and vibrancy.


The finishing details are so cleverly executed. The corner sink helps maximise the available space and the Moravian Star pendant light adds a quirky twist.


And what is that fabulous paint colour you ask…

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2 Responses to Just add paint…

  • Misty says:

    Usually mirror is always on the top of the sink but this one got this cool paintings its a unique approach. And the calypso blue color is a thumbs up!

    • Oliver says:

      Hello Misty,
      Totally agree its a really unique approach and I think works so well because the selcted artwork is so great.

      Calypso Blue gets a big thumbs up from me as well!


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