How Jelly Beans inspire great design…

It was the early 80’s…

For the sake of the story we’ll say “I want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow was blaring on the radio.

Artist Peter Rocha heard that the then US President, Ronald Reagan loved Jelly Beans.

So in a moment of whimsy he created a jelly bean mosaic presidential portrait.


Ronald Reagan by Pete Rocha (image from the Jelly Bean Candy Co.)


And Jelly Bean art was born.

I wonder if it inadvertently inspired Def Leppard to write “Pour Some Sugar On Me”?


Martin Luther King Jr by Pete Rocha (image from the Jelly Bean Candy Co.)


Each portrait would use over 14,000 jelly beans and months of hard work as he painstakingly placed each bean by hand.


Elvis Presley by Peter Rocha (image by the Jelly Bean Candy Co.)


There is a simple joy and fun to his art. Maybe it’s the bright colours or the cheeky thought of what the subject would taste of, if you gave the picture a lick.

I love it when someone takes an everyday object and with a healthy dose of imagination transforms it into something unexpected and spectacular…


Former Great Plains tribal chief known as Rainbow Tree by Peter Rocha (image from the Jelly Bean Candy Co.)


Now watch this:


That’s what happens when 288,000 jelly beans come into contact with a fun filled, creative team led by singer/song writer Kina Grannis and director Greg Jardin, with everyone willing to give even the impossible a go .

Frame by individual frame…

To truly appreciate their dedication and hard work (the music video was 22 months in the making!) you have to try this on for size:



I love seeing creativity like this. It is so inspiring.

It just goes to show what happens when you decide to be brave and remove that fear of failure…

So what if it hasn’t been done before…

Embrace the challenges and obstacles and turn them into opportunities. Not in some wishy washy corporate empowerment poster kind of way but in the simple fact that the obstacle can ignite that fire that gets us looking outside the box and finding a new way of doing things.

All any great idea needs is a motivated team with patience and dedication, ready to see it through to the end.

As with this art, the same principles apply for a great Interior Design project…

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