The Purist – Typography to make you stop and think…

Deep in the English countryside, where the air hints of wild flowers and wood-smoke, lies a tiny studio between two woods, in which thoughts are captured, transformed into words, played with or asked politely to leave.”

And so begins your poetic introduction to The Purist.
A collaboration between the creative minds of  Jamie Harris and Andrew Morrison.


“the impossible just takes longer” (image from The Purist)

I love their work for many reasons…

There is its Wabi Sabi nature – each piece of art is hand-printed using an antique Vandercook proof press and vintage blocks. I love the notion that each print will be every so subtly different and so all are unique.

Then there is a boldness to what they do – they are unafraid to strip away the bells & whistles and use a simple type, some well chosen words and handmade inks to create the work.


As an Interior Designer I find this paticular piece rings very true. For me, a great interior is all about the details – one wrong piece and you get “inferior design” (image by The Purist)


This isn’t about mass production.

It isn’t about being bombarded or yelled at.

It is about the simple pleasure of a thought or idea being presented to you in a fashion that you can take your time to ponder.


“think it here and its yours” (image from The Purist)


Back in December I started to explore what I hoped for in 2012. For me this year was definitely about embracing the artisan and craftsmen that labour with love to create the things of real beauty.  I made it my New Year’s Resolution to to remain open to all opportunities however simple or unexpected and embrace them fully.

It is strange to thing how fast time flies and we are already at the half way point of 2012.

Have I kept true to my Resolution? Very much so!


“I believe in little things” (image from The Purist)


I believe there is a real beauty that exists in hand crafted design.

There are brilliant people doing incredible things.

My goal is to continue to seek them out and learn from both the people creating and from their work so I can continue to be inspired and grow as a designer.


“all the best dreamers pass by here” (image from The Purist)


What we love determines what we seek, what we seek determines what we think and do, what we think and do determines what we become” – Dieter Uchtdorff


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