“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” – Michelangelo (only Monocomplex just had old cardboard instead…)

I love days like today! It was spent bringing the separate strands of a design that were months in the planning and sourcing together to create a new space.

While the clients’ were at work all their furniture arrived  – some new, some revived and some repurposed.

It was my job to turn it into a liveable space so that when they walked through their front door they would be home (and not buried under a pile of boxes)

As the day went on that pile of cardboard packaging and boxes just kept growing.


It got me thinking – I have seen cardboard furniture that arrives as a flat pack but what if these boxes could have a new life there and then…


South Korea is currently producing some amazing industrial designers who are looking to create designs that are visually interesting with a clear sustainable message. The team at Monocomplex created the hand crafted “Reborn Cardboard Sofa” for a recent exhibition.


Cutting away reveals the cardboard chair underneath (image from Monocomplex)


127 cardboard sheets that were reclaimed from dumped packaging were glued together to form a giant block.


Close up (image by Monocomplex)


The designer then set to work with a grinder and some simple tools to free the chair inside.


The chair in all its glory (image from Monocomplex)


What I love is that the finished piece isn’t something mass produced unlike the likely occupant of the boxes when their role was packaging.  It hasn’t been created from a generic plan – it is the very epitome of custom design = Hand crafted specifically to fit its maker.

He cut, carved and shaped it until it met his version of comfortable.

Isn’t that what a custom design should be about?


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