Industrial Design – Cement Pendant Light by unit-berlin

I would love to have seen the brief given to unit-berlin for the conversion of the former Hungarian cultural centre in Berlin into the .HBC – it is part art project space, part entertainment venue with 3 bars and a restaurant.

The show stealer for this industrial space has to be the custom made lights in the restaurant.

Concrete Pendant Light (image from unit-berlin)


Designed and created by unit-berlin, these concrete pendant lights weigh in at 12.3kg each.


Concrete Pendant Light in situ at the .HBC restaurant (image from unit-berlin)


What is really clever is that they added extra holes into the design which allows the light to be repositioned. This means that the focus of the light can be trained on a specific thing to highlight it, or the reverse, minimising the light to create more ambience in a space.


Extra holes allow the light to be able to be repositioned (image from unit-berlin)


To me great interior design is all it the details. It can be hard to retain a genuine industrial feel to this kind of space when all the soft furnishings start to fill the it. I love the rawness they have achieved by making it look like the mirror was broken by these dramatic pendant lights.


Broken mirror adds a raw industrial feel when paired with the light (image from unit-berlin)


It reminds me of the broken windows in old factories the world over…


Broken Factory Windows (image from flickr by jeffb477)





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