In search of the modern Campaign Chest…

The image of a campaign chest conjures up an almost romantic view of war. It was the everyday piece of kit for the British officers during the Georgian and Victorian periods.

It seems so civilised (& a touch batty) to be so determined to not compromise on the quality of one’s life and to cart these chests around with everything from the port decanter to letters from mama, whilst defending the realm.

It got me thinking… what is the modern equivalent?

Surely it has to be the Blackhawk Secretary Truck by Restoration Hardware.



Blackhawk Secretary Trunk (image from Restoration Hardware)


It boasts quality craftsmanship. It is handmade from polished aluminium wrapped around solid hardwood. The drawers are lined with black cotton canvas.


Blackhawk Secretary Trunk (image from Restoration Hardware)


Given that it weighs in at 235kg (525lbs) it is not something to look at as a carryon luggage option but just imagine the look on the customs officer’s face when you wheel that into view!

I think it would be fantastic in small or multipurpose spaces to serve as an amazing home office or study nook. Especially if you are looking to create some real wow but you also want to be able to pack things away.

That or you are James Bond.


Blackhawk Secretary Trunk - Ready for action! (image by Restoration Hardware)


And as for the perfect chair to go with it. That’s easy – the 1006 Navy Chair!


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