SJ Bookcase by We Do Wood

A new client lives in a beautiful apartment overlooking the Brisbane river.

Its views are what makes this inner city unit a real find and the wall to ceiling windows make for the perfect feature wall to maximise the view.

It’s one challenge is its petite size.


The first part of the client’s brief is for Sabi Style to find a green/sustainable solution to showcase some of their amazing collection of treasures brought back from their travels.

Our goal is to find something that will enhance rather than make the space feel cramped or awkward.


The solution is the SJ Bookcase by Danish designers from We Do Wood.


Sustainably designed "SJ Bookcase" by Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen from We Do Wood (image from We Do Wood)


It is made from bamboo that has been grown without the aid of pesticides, fertiliser and herbicides.

The design duo behind We Do Wood, Henrik Thygesen and Sebastian Jørgensen are passionate about creating great, simple and sustainable furniture and are commited to making social responsibility a key to their business.


The look we are trying to achieve with the "SJ Bookcase" (image from We Do Wood)


Philosophy aside, I love the clean, slim lines (and its strength – a bonus from using bamboo).

It will allow the collection to shine and by being wall hung allows the piece to feel lighter and increase the illusion of space.


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